Inspire your customers and guests with BODYREG and generate more sales with ease

Highly effective treatments that will bring loyal customers back again and again –
as they see the advantage with visible before-and-after results.

So keep your promise – health, vitality and beauty! 


We know your time is limited, do you need a large staff involved with your current treatments?

Are your sales always the same and yet you have to personally work to your maximum limits?



    Bring calm into your day-to-day work, while your sales steadily increase.
    Your customers will benefit from the fantastic results

    • Time required per client, guest or patient is just a few minutes
    • Will fit perfectly into every beauty institute, hotel or spa 
    • Fast and easy payment plans and low supply and materials usage.
    • Simultaneously perform multiple treatments for each user. 

    + Give your customers, guests and yourself the gift of health and beauty:

    • Everybody will be delighted with an extra dose of oxygen and vitality.
    • Create enthusiasm as your customers and guests experience the excellent results.
    • Will ensure a clear competitive advantage with more return visits and high customer loyalty.

    Excellent technical support, training, tips and marketing material 

    Learn from a professional who will share  the BODYREG Skills with you:

    • Comprehensive equipment training included in the purchase
    • Videos of all application steps, combined with detailed training materials. Understand and learn each process with ease.
    • Eye catching promotional materials: brochures, posters, roll-ups, videos and more.
    • Telephone customer service, even with special questions
    • Free brochure with valuable social media tips that will bring new customers into your business location.

    discover the BODYREG System

    Our BODYREG – System was designed with many extras for each user-friendly operation

    • Warmed CO2 for a better treatment result and a maximum well-being effect
    • Simultaneous multiple treatments – easy to carry out by just one practioner
    • Absolute safety throughout the special device functions
    • 100% hygienic standard
    • Practical rolls on casters for flexible use at any facility 

    develop excellance with these creative new treatments  

    Our BODYREG Ideas Book provides knowledge and business support with creative new treatment methods, suggestions for customer contact, good selling ideas and many other valuable tips that will make your job easier, enjoyable, leading to more financial success!

    At the social media workshop, you will also learn how to find new customers and promote your business through the use of Facebook, Google, and other platforms.


    Work with the top of the line, professional of CO2 dry bath equipment

    Expand your treatment selections with the highest quality professional equipment. 


    • Specialized in the production of COdry bath equipment
    • A pioneer in the German Market with many years of experience 
    • 100 % made with in Germany
    • State-of-the-art device technology
    • Sophisticated device construction with aesthetic beauty in design –  we welcome user feedback!

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